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Quality Education, Our Commitment

The foundation of every country is the education of its
youth. We believe in preparing students for success in
a changing world through quality education provided
at excellent premise.

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Our Students Are Our Pride

Our students always get excellent academic facilities
for the proper education. Our teachers use modern
methodologies for teaching, implement useful lesson
plans and take scheduled examinations on time.

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Where Students are Achievers

Our college library exists to provide a range of
learning opportunities for both large and small
groups as well as individuals with a focus on
intellectual content, information literacy, and
the learner.

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Learning Today For A Better Tomorrow

We have an excellent computer laboratory
for preparing our students for the changing digital

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Where Students Get Hands On Experience

We believe practical learning is very important for a student
to get the in depth knowledge for different subjects. This is
why we have put emphasis on providing quality practical
education through our enriched laboratories.

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We Connect Life And Learning

In order to provide the students a stress free learning
environment the college keeps provision for sports,
seminars, cultural programs, group discussions etc.
in a regular manner.

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Recent Events

CPA Chairman inaugurated Shahid
MInar at Chittagong Port College

Welcome, Chittagong Port College

Chittagong Port College is one of the welfare institutions run by Chittagong Port Authority, the main driving-force of the economy of Bangladesh. This college started its journey with a view to ensuring quality education enriched with modern information and technology. To build up skilled, proficient and morally upgraded citizens facing the challenge of the 21st century, this institution has been established.

Standard education is the per-requisite of a developed nation. ‘Quality education results well citizens’ – this slogan is the motto of this college since its establishment. This journey with the above aim will be continued to prepare enlightened individuals. We do believe that a positive change can be brought in the attitude of people through flourishing education. Consequently, educated nation must usher in. And no doubt, that educated nation will be the wheel of development.

In order to ensure higher studies for the children of the members of Chittagong Port Authority, Chittagong Port High School (established in 1959) has been graded to a School and College initially from 2013-2014 sessions. Lately, in January 2014, Chittagong Port College earned the recognition as a distinctive college to spread time-honoured higher education. Encountering the challenge of the ever-changing world, this institution must reach its goal we hope.

Chittagong Port College will continue its sincerest endeavour to build up an education nation, practice sound cultural tradition, establish a disciplined society and to abide by the rules of nation and constitution.

College Daily News

Notice for HSC Examinees 2016

Posted on 18 Feb 2016
It is to be notifed that Final Practical Class on ICT will be held today at 10am. Final Practical Ex

Notice for 2nd year students regarding the change of schedule of ongoing Test Examination

Posted on 22 Nov 2015
The scheduled exam of dated 23 November, will be held on 24 November.

Notice regarding the schedule change of HSC Test Exams-2015

Posted on 18 Nov 2015
It is hereby informed that the scheduled exam (ICT) on tomorrow (19th November,2015) has been postpo

Notice for 1st and 2nd year students regarding re-opening of college activities and upcoming exams

Posted on 30 Oct 2015
Tomorrow is college opening day. All the students of 1st & 2nd year have been asked to attend t

Notice regarding the event “100% Passed: Award Giving Program”

Posted on 16 Oct 2015
All the students of “HSC Examinee_2015” have been asked to attend “100% Passed: Aw

Notice for 1st year students regarding collecting ID cards

Posted on 08 Oct 2015
Those students of 1st year who have submitted ID card information & pictures (with Uniform), hav

Notice for 1st year students

Posted on 04 Oct 2015
Those students of 1st year who haven’t submitted ID card information & pictures (with Unif

Notice for the guardians of 2nd year students who have failed in several subjects at pretest exam

Posted on 02 Oct 2015
It’s a matter of  great sorrow that some students have failed in two,three or more than three