Parents’ Duty

Guardian Assembly: 

Guardian assembly is held after every exam to share and interact about the study and overall progress of the students. Guardians are informed about the result and the latest condition of the students there. Students and guardians are informed about this assembly through a notice after each exam.

Meeting with the Guardians:

# Guardians can meet guide/subject/class teacher from 9 am to 10 am on every Saturday to know the whereabouts of their issues and let know their opinions as well.

# Guardians can meet the principal from 10 am to 11 am on every Saturday to reciprocate their views. If emergency, they can meet the principal on other days.

Responsibilities of the Guardians:

  • Observe whether the rules and regulations mentioned in prospectus are maintained.
  • Be aware of the results and updates of exams.
  • Complain or suggest in time if necessary.
  • Observe academic progress report and send it with appropriate remarks.
  • Know the updates of students by being present at the campus off and on.
  • Ensure monthly and exam fee in time.
  • Take necessary initiatives for better result before exams.
  • Not to request breaking the rules if exam result is not satisfactory rather try to know the problems behind the failure and solve those.
  • Be aware of the dates of meeting and assembly of the guardians and ensure participation.
  • Follow the rules of education board in time in case of canceling the admission.