Co-Curricular Activities

Ten clubs have been formed here to arouse the creative talent within the learners which are supervised by skilled teachers. Those are –

  • Spoken English Club
  • Recitation Club
  • Debate Club (English & Bengali)
  • Science Club
  • Music Club
  • General Knowledge and IQ Society
  • Drama Society
  •  Sports Society
  • Drawing Society
  • Math Olympiad Society

A two hour training class goes on every Thursday after 5th period of class routine based on the activities of the clubs mentioned above.

House Activities:

Students of a session are divided into some houses here named Joynul Ahedin House, Munsi Fazlur Rahman House and Dr. Kudrat-e-Khuda House, which conduct and observe the overall development of students in both curricular and co-curricular activities. Houses are distributed equally with teachers and students depending on their interest, attitude and aptitude.

Sports, Literary and Cultural Competition:

Ten clubs on different co-curricular activities prepare students through training and programs. Later on sports, literary and cultural competitions are arranged annually to evaluate the students how they have developed. These competitions are held between the houses mentioned above and champion or runners-up house is declared and awarded on the basis of their total points.

 Study Tour and Other Programs:

Students participate in, arrange and observe study tour, orientation for the fresher, national and traditional programs and social activities. They also publish wall-magazine from their respective houses.

 Observing National Days:

Nationally important days are observed with due respect every year. Participation in these days and programs is a must for students, teachers and other officials. Competitions on various cultural themes and discussions are arranged to commemorate these days.